We are thrilled to invite you to our unique energy workshop. This program is designed to help you remove any negative beliefs, emotions, and feelings that may be blocking you from realizing your full potential; and raise your energy frequency to invite abundance and prosperity into your life.

We will be using a special combination of tools to help you with your needs on your mind, body, and soul levels.

When: March 24, 2022 @7 p.m.
Where: Illuminations, 409, Fortune Executive Towers, Cluster T,
Jumeirah Lakes Towers
Zara Martirosyan
Zara is an energy coach, meditation, and sound healing practitioner. She has also been initiated in Reiki level II by her mentor and friend, Xénia Ameixa. She teaches Yin yoga, practices numerical psychology, and is soon to be a hypnotherapist.

Zara has been expressing her passion for wellness and holistic wellbeing through her IT startup, inKin, for over 7 years.