Hi, guys! I challenge you to a 30-day awareness practice.

80% of people are thoughtlessly draining up to 90% of their energy, which leaves the vast majority of us functioning at only 10-30% of our "battery" capacity. This practice will help you identify the energy drains and prevent you from wasting your precious fuel on unnecessary things in 2023.

Here's how to do it: every night before going to sleep, dedicate 5 min to reflect on the following questions and write the answers down in your notebook (you can even create a table with 4 columns to make it easier)

1️⃣ JUDGEMENT - who have I judged today, and for what?
2️⃣ GOSSIP - who or what have I discussed today? (e.g., my colleague, politics, weather, etc.)
3️⃣ IDEAS AND ACTIONS - what ideas have I had today, and what have I done to implement them?
4️⃣ EMOTIONS - what emotions have I experienced today and why?