A month ago, one of my mentors, Maria Leonard, posted something that reminded me how important small and often mundane things are. At the end of the day, life consists of them. Yet we often take them for granted.
As someone who loves creating lists, I have one for what I call « little orgasms » - these are tiny things that we stop noticing. Yet they can give so much pleasure and happiness. Noticing these things teaches you to be in the moment.

Some of the items on my list are:
  • entering a cool space after being in the heat and vice versa
  • getting warm and cozy with a cup of an aromatic hot tea or a bowl of hot soup when it’s cold outside
  • finally reaching the little girls’ room after being stuck in traffic for 2 hours
  • drinking delicious matcha or hot chocolate with LOTS of foam
  • finally having food when you are hangry
  • hearing your old-time favorite song or musician that you almost forgot about
  • discovering a new great song or musician
  • getting a fresh and immaculate manicure or pedicure
  • sitting in the sun when it feels nippy in the shade ☀️
  • when your hair looks extra wavey and good today without any effort
  • when you arrive at a busy venue to realize there is only one available table, and it’s yours
  • when you arrive at an airport, and there is no queue at the border control
  • the smell of freshly baked goodies and their guilt-free consumption
  • accidental purchases of a [insert here] of your dream (my recent were a pair of sneakers, 2 gorgeous rings, a couple of earrings, and a pair of sunglasses)
  • when you run into someone, you love hugging ♥️
  • when there is an uncanny coincidence or serendipity
  • when the book is so interesting, you can’t stop reading it
  • when it’s a special promo
  • when you stumble upon a beautiful hidden door or corner while doing sightseeing in a new place
  • when you randomly take lovely photos of friends and family and vice versa
  • when they are grateful
Do you have a list like that? If not, I encourage you to start building it, and you will be amazed at how beautiful life is!