The recent events in the world and my personal and professional life got me thinking about our responsibilities as therapists and clients and "the rules of the game," so I want to share these thoughts with you. Let me know if this resonates or if you have other opinions.

1. Therapists

“Practice what you preach”
Since I started my journey as a holistic therapist, this has been my motto (actually, this has been my motto throughout life). We, as healers, need to experience firsthand the tools we use or recommend to our clients. That is why during Tasso training, future regression therapists must practice a lot with each other and see their mentors for therapy sessions. Because unless you heal yourself first ("put the oxygen mask on yourself first"), you can hardly help others.
Would you be comfortable going to a dentist with rotten teeth, a PT with unhealthy weight, or a dermatologist with unhealthy skin? I don’t think so. The same goes for therapists - if we are not living proof that our work is effective, then why would a client trust us?

2. Clients

"Manage your expectations"
Our clients come to us because they need peace and want to feel whole again. However, sometimes, we need to get worse to get better. So not all sessions will leave you feeling good. On the contrary, you may first feel a wave of unpleasant emotions, hitting rock bottom, or you may get shocked by the harsh truth (this often happens in numerical psychology sessions) before getting better. And yes, you may not like what you hear or experience, but would you complain to your physiotherapist about the pain in the session? It's part of the process if you do want to get better. And sometimes, you may feel that therapy isn't working because there was no emotional roller coaster in the session or no immediate changes in your life afterward. But change may take time. And it may take some homework, too. But are you prepared to do the work? Or are you jumping from one therapist (healer) to another, looking for a magic wand, without taking responsibility for your life?

A year ago, I taught 25 people a fantastic tool to facilitate one's growth and help wishes come true. How many people ended up practicing it, you reckon? How many people are still practicing it?