Good girls go to heaven, but bad girls go wherever they want!
’Love is accepting what is.
If there is anyone who needs your love most - it is your dark side.

The moment you start loving yourself, which means you acknowledge your dark side without judgement, you can accept others without judgement’’.

From an early age, I have been programmed to be a good girl. Any tantrum I threw would be marked as if a little devil with little horns was taking over because “good girls don’t misbehave.” That part of me with little horns and sometimes rage (a legitimate negative trait of my consciousness number 9️⃣ as per my date of birth, as I would find out years later) was denied the right to exist.

The 2 most significant beliefs my sister and I grew up with, like mantras, were:
▫️Better a bitter truth than a sweet lie (though, years later, after a certain incident that shook the young version of me to the core, my Dad would reveal the second part of the phrase - “but not every truth” )
▫️Do good and throw it in the water (little did I know that this is the motto of people with consciousness #9, and both Lena and I are 9s).

So it was no surprise that I would find it so hard to accept the not-so-pretty, kind, obedient, and ever-forgiving side of me. Any negative emotions, feelings, or thoughts would have been accompanied by guilt and shame (two of the lowest emotions). Because good girls are kind, forgiving, patient, understanding, and selfless.

But guess what?
In “When the Body Says No,” Gabor Maté demonstrates how people with suppressed emotions and nice personalities, accommodating others, get cancer. A rather scary fact.

It’s only with my recent journey in life through numerical psychology, hypnotherapy, Tasso, and Life Scripting that I have learned first to acknowledge and then accept the dark side of me, and I am now on the path to start loving it, too.

Because there is no day without a night, the Sun without the Moon, and yang without yin ☯️ and also, good girls go to heaven, but bad girls go wherever the hell they want :)

Over to you!

APRIL 2023