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I will help you discover your true nature and
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Welcome, dear friends!
My name is Zara Martirosyan, and I am a numerical psychologist, hypnotherapy and transpersonal regression therapist, energy coach, and family constellations facilitator. And I truly would love for as many people as possible to live a happy, bright, exciting life in harmony with themselves and others - after all, this will make our world a better place!
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A modern-day modality based on 4 pillars: breathwork, energy work, power of words (affirmations), and intuition.
Learn what information is coded in your date of birth and how to unleash your full potential based on it.
The most powerful tool for working with your subconscious mind and, hence, quickly and significantly improving your quality of life.

A subscription-based virtual holistic club where I bring all my knowledge and tools together. We meet online twice a month.
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  • My hypnotherapy experience with Zara has exceeded my expectations. It was my first approach to that discipline and I do not imagine a better therapist than her to easily and clearly introduce it to me and on top of that, get results. I would like to highlight Zara's calm and peaceful energy at all times. Zara helped me to tap into very fragile and delicate issues that are concerning me and holding me back on a daily basis.
    Nata, 33
  • My past life regression experience with Zara was very nice! She is one of the most empathetic, rational, practical, and fun individuals I’ve been able to interact with. She is ethical, thoughtful, and balanced, yet direct and to the point. I am not the type of person who would ever open up and share my problems, concerns, and biggest fears with someone, but Zara’s empathetic, caring, and non-judgmental approach helped me to open up and develop a trusting relationship. She is someone who relates to people with incredible ease. Would gladly recommend her to others, which is why I’m happy to write this.
    Anna, 33
  • I don’t know where to start with all of the great self-improvement work that I have been doing with Zara. I started with her with an amazing 2-hour numerical psychology reading of the numbers in my life, which was very helpful in understanding my patterns and my psyche. She covered all of the areas of my life. What further catapulted my journey to healing my heart and soul was the hypnotherapy sessions that I’ve done with her to lose weight. What I thought was the beginning of a weight loss journey turned out to be even deeper than the physical - after every session, a part of me was healed, parts I never knew needed healing. It is a safe place where I know I’m not being judged.
    Jonny, 35
  • I am new to hypnotherapy, and the sessions with Zara opened my mind to new possibilities to reprogram my settings and enter the realm of my unconscious on a different level. Skeptical at first, but with each session, I grew more comfortable with Zara’s guidance and soothing voice. I could feel the results after the second session already. What I found interesting was that every session was different and adjusted to my energy, issues, and needs.
    Chris, 46