Three ways of raising your Kundalini energy
The energy of 7 in the matrix (your full date of birth) is our divine fuel, the Kundalini energy, charisma, and sexual energy.

If you don’t have number 7 in your full of date (like me), you need to raise it daily to feel energized and on top of your game! Whereas people with one or two 7 in the matrix seem to have a tiny nuclear reactor at the base of their spine and can easily start cleaning up at 11 pm.

Here are 3 ways to raise your Kundalini energy:
  1. Walking of 6-8 km (preferably in the mornings and without distractions, but if you can’t do it without your favourite playlist or podcast, so be it - as long as you start building that habit). You can also replace walking with occasional horse riding, cycling, trampoline jumping, or swimming.
  2. Yoga, including meditations and spiritual practices
  3. Mindful intimacy

Also, stay tuned for a 20-min quick and easy set to raise your Kundalini energy in the morning if you don’t have time to walk for 6-8 km.

APRIL 2023