Suggestibility and Sexuality and how they influence our relationship with others
Do you know that there are 2 types of people based on how we receive and interpret information and communicate (suggestibility) and also two types of people based on how we put our ideas out (sexuality)?

Dr. John Kappas, the author of the theory, named the ends of the scale "Emotional" and "Physical" suggestibility: physically suggestible minds tend to process input in a literal fashion, and emotionally suggestible minds tend to be more analytical and prefer a more indirect approach. Nobody is 100% one or another, we all are in between, but we do have stronger indications toward one or another.


We become one or another at first through our primary caretaker (i.e. mother), then under the influence of our peers, teachers. etc., and finally, through the second caretaker (i.e. father).


A physical suggestible person likes socialising and networking. They enjoy every moment of the spotlight and attention on them and usually dress up well, and are good at expressing themselves in public.
A "Physical" is someone with a strong linkage between mind and body. They tend to take in information in a very literal sense and use more words to communicate an idea (talkative). The Physical uses the body as a defense to protect emotions, needs physical touch, hates rejection, acts before thinking, has a hard time letting go of relationships, is not concerned about how others see them, family-oriented.

An emotional suggestible person, on the contrary, is uncomfortable in social gatherings as they are distressed by the attention they might get, they dislike the spotlight, and are usually quiet.
An "Emotional," aka "Analytical," is more compartmentalized and tends to communicate in a more inferential way (talks literally but hears inferentially). They tend to have a perceived separation between mind and body. They put emotions first to protect the body, suppress feelings, need alone time, think before acting, end relationships easily, worry about how others see them, work-oriented.

Needless to say that we usually tend to attract the opposite type.

But there’s more to it as there are also 2 types of sexuality - “Emotional” and “Physical”.

Suggestibility is how we take things in, and Sexuality is how we put our ideas out.


Sexuality is learned from the secondary caretaker (usually a father or a father figure, but not necessarily) around the age of 2-5 and gets frozen by 21.


There is no right or wrong type, both of these behaviours are what they are, and we need to learn to understand and accept them and not try to change them.

The difference in sexuality in the couple only matters if they have reached the breakup point and people start to display their raw, true behaviour. Then it will be a problem that could be resolved with therapy. But if a couple is happy, then it doesn’t matter what their sexuality types are.


  • comfortable drawing attention to their body, including the way they dress
  • go for more stylish hairdos, have longer nails (female), drive sports cars (male)
  • brag about their accomplishments and fish for compliments
  • comfortable in groups and mingle at a party
  • operate from a premise of touch and affection
  • when the relationship gets bad, feel rejected and are vulnerable when the relationship is over and may cling to it and be in denial for a long time
  • become very picky in the next relationship

The order of their priorities is relationships/ children/ friends, and hobbies/ career.

Their identity comes from their relationship and closeness with others.

For physicals, sex is an essential aspect of love and acceptance:
  • initiate intercourse more often
  • a female is comfortable with physical expression and taking her clothes off
  • reach orgasm quicker (they have a higher body temperature
  • express desire every day (1-day cycle)
  • men release many times at night
  • like attention and closeness after the intercourse


  • not comfortable drawing attention to their body, including the way they dress
  • have practical hairdos and nails (female) and drive a practical, conservative car (male)
  • may want the compliment but could nullify it
  • comfortable in one-on-one situations and will sit in the corner at a party talking to a small group of people
  • operate from the premise of being the way they are because they want to
  • quickly move on when the relationship is over, adapt to change, and usually have already found a new relationship before the old one is over
  • they are not picky in their new relationship - they sit and wait for someone to come and get them

The order of their priorities is career/ hobbies/ relationship and family/ mistresses and friendships.

Their identity comes from their accomplishments, achievements, and career.

For emotionals, sex is more often associated with the release of stress and tension:
  • female can separate love and sex and prefers to be undressed rather than take her clothes off, will get annoyed by prolonged intercourse
  • express desire usually every 3 days (3-day cycle)
  • men usually release once at night
  • prefer to sleep or get on with something else after the intercourse

Understanding your suggestibility and sexuality could be instrumental in building harmonious relationships with others. And you can learn it in Clinical Hypnotherapy Level 1 Training.
MARCH 2023